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The 'new-age' Employer: why firms must adapt to changing needs.

As humans, our ability to adapt to a diverse range of environments is one of our greatest assets.

We have proven this time and time again throughout the course of history, and the Covid-19 pandemic is no exception. Millions of workers across the UK have now successfully transitioned from office working to working from home, almost overnight, learning new skills and overcoming all kinds of obstacles.

During the past three months, much of the angst from employers about productivity levels or communication issues has been quashed.

Supported by increasingly sophisticated technology, worker productivity during lockdown has risen by as much as 47% according to some surveys. As a result of our own success, we now have an opportunity to reimagine the way we work. Lockdown will become the prototype for new workplace models that support and empower the modern-day worker.

What happens next is the subject of much speculation. Will companies scrap their real estate altogether, or will they opt for something smaller and more flexible? How will companies continue to support their staff as new working conditions bring additional pressures and challenges? Whatever the answers, companies need to be thinking about this now; any procrastination could prove costly.

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