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Digital Tree ePublishers

Digital Tree Group is a Digital Powerhouse segregated into 2 distinctly different but harmonious arms, media and services. With more than 100 professionals, Digital Tree Group offers a wide range of digital solutions.


Digital Tree’s media arm has a diverse and rich portfolio of online portals and the first hybrid TV on the Island. Through our network, we now run the biggest online media group on the island in terms of traffic, content and technology.


Portfolio:, Offsite News, Brief, Avant Garde, MyLife, Kitchen Island and FFWD.

Traffic: we have the biggest digital footprint in terms of traffic

Content: we release more than 600 articles everyday and we have 18 own productions displayed on our TV channel on the web, Digital.

Technology and innovation: we have the first fully fledged TV channel on the web, offering both live streaming and on demand video. We have internally designed, built and managed media websites, leading in terms of traffic scalability, SEO and audience analytics - in preparation for the expected growth in programmatic marketing.


By targeting niche audiences, we are keen in creating and sharing interesting content for our users and effective advertising and technical solutions for our clients and partners.


At the core of the services arm a team of highly talented developers and digital marketers was recruited out of need for our own properties to lead in terms of technology capabilities, online marketing and innovation. The skill set was then successfully offered to our clients who are after a one stop shop for their digital needs. As it stands today, this is a high growth vertical.


Opium Works provides a wide range of digital marketing services. Our digital agency can give you “top of the pops” advice and help you to better utilize Social Media and intentionally market your business to your targeted groups. We specialize in strategy, social media, digital design and content creation, performance marketing and SEO.


Tabs & Spaces provides top web development and design services to all of our clients. Enjoyable web experiences are our expertise, with intuitive user interfaces that adapt to the screen of every device- naturally. Our executive Project Managers and professional development teams work alongside you to find the best solution for each one, so the software we create meets your business objectives and users needs.


CUBE Productions offers video production services. CUBE, with more than 11 years of experience with award winning projects, specializes in film, TVC, animation, motion graphics and visual effects. Drama Llama Productionswas created through Digital Tree Media’s own projects. Drama Llama specializes in digital content and offers a variety of video production services - event highlights, live streaming and custom TV show production.

Digital Tree ePublishers

  • Services

    • Digital Media
    • Digital Marketing Services
    • Web Development 
    • Video Production
  • Contact Info


    8 Michael Karaoli

    Anemomylos Building, 3rd floor

    1095 Nicosia


    Tel. +357 22396999





  • Members contact details

    Managing Director: Theo Middleton


    Liaison Person: Irene Hadjipavlou

    Position: Chief Commercial Officer


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