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Moebius Limited specialises in the implementation of integrated business management systems designed to deliver efficiency and offers a variety of consulting services that complement its software, also called Moebius.


Under the scope of our consulting services Moebius undertakes a wide variety of projects including IT Infrastructure advisory, Security audits and stress tests, and business consultancy covering business process planning and documentation.


Moebius software optimises data capture and use to ensure consistent organization-wide information, while powerful and flexible security gives precise control over both data and document access.


Moebius Software comprises a range of modules, each carefully crafted to deliver practical solutions for specific business needs based on expert industry feedback. Moebius is designed to deliver efficiency for any service-based business such as corporate services providers, accountants, auditors and lawyers; while the philosophy behind its deployment is that clients can choose their modules depending on their specific business needs.


Our years of experience have demonstrated that there are multiple benefits to our integrated modules approach, keeping all business activities and data within one software that can successfully satisfy all business needs.


Key Benefits of Moebius Software:

  • Increase efficiency by reducing data capture time and improve data quality, promoting collaboration between different teams and departments.
  • Keep all data in one software and benefit from enhanced data analytics and reporting, and in turn, meet deadlines, effortlessly satisfying regulatory requirements and providing a better and more professional client experience.
  • Make wellinformed business decisions using daily business intelligence reports customized to the needs of your business.
  • Whether you need to comply with Data Protection Laws, or wish to keep certain business information confidential, Moebius’ security tools help you protect your data with restrictions and rules defined by you. Powerful and flexible security tools provide the means for you to control access to your data, documents and system modules, as well as organising your personnel into workgroups with specified system access.


  • Services

    • Moebius Software Implementation
    • Heterogenous systems integration
    • Software Development
    • Document Management Solutions
    • Database and WEB / Mobile Development
    • Development of Business Procedures
    • IT Consultancy (Cloud, Systems, Integrations, Security, Deployments, Financial, Compliance, Networks)
    • AI
  • Contact info

    11 Lemesou Avenue, 3rd Floor,
    Galatariotis Building, 2112 Nicosia



    T. Sales: +357 22 275 190
    T. Other inquiries: +357 22 275 190


    Email (Sales):
    Email (General):


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  • Members contact details

    Managing Director: Pawel Mandalian


    Liaison Person: Tasos Anastasiou

    Position: Owner 


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