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The eCheck360 is the first cross boarder creditworthiness and affordability platform that fills the huge gap in fair access in credit products/ services and creates a common Pan-European Transactional behaviour Credit Score. It revolutionizes creditworthiness and affordability assessment of individuals by analyzing their transactional data and spending patterns driven by their actual, up-to-date financial data, provided directly by their own payment accounts. It allows creditors/lenders with a holistic view of a retail credit applicant as it verifies financial information, using machine learning and adaptive learning models. It allows companies to get a comprehensive 360° view of their client’s creditworthiness, affordability, identity, and financial behavior. It allows individuals to assess their current financial health and check whether they can meet their financial obligations. This platform has been developed by Infocredit Group in partnership with Finclude, the pan-European creditworthiness and affordability score provider.



Contact Person 

Ourania Pavlou

Contact Email


+357 22 398 000

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