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Delphi Alliance

The first multi-practice global Association linking professionals from twelve different lines of services with exclusivity membership rights by country, city and by line of service, building synergies and creating new business opportunities between member firms. The twelve multi-practice participation creates the ground-breaking "local and global alliance" concept, allowing its members to share insights, knowledge, expertise, global resources, client referrals and develop joint ventures to bid for public procurements and local and international projects that have eligibility requirements, which essentially would be extremely difficult to achieve on their own.

1. Marketing & Advertising

2. Information Technology

3. Human Resource

4. Fiduciary & Administration

5. Audit & Assurance, Accounting, Payroll & Taxation

6. Financial & Monetary

7. Business & Management Advisory

8. Compliance

9. Real Estate

10. Reporting, Translation & Interpretation

11. Professional Training & Education

12. Legal Services



To link professionals from twelve different lines of services around the world, build synergies and opportunities for the member firms, which otherwise would be very difficult to achieve on their own.



To become the first multi-practice global alliance providing synergies and opportunities to its members, assisting them to grow worldwide. Offer them the opportunity to compete against multinational firms for global and local assignments of different natures, while remaining independent firms sharing knowledge and resources through the DELPHI ALLIANCE network.


Real Estate / Banking / Financial Institutions / Hotel and Leisure / Oil and Gas / Shipping / Aviation / Industrial / Trading / Services / Technology / Education / Media


Although the members are independent firms using their own brand operating under their own business and operational plans, they are governed by the ethics, Bylaws and Rulebook as set by Delphi Alliance.

Executive Team

Photo of Christos Christodoulou, Chief Executive Officer

Christos Christodoulou
Chief Executive Officer

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Elisa Solea
Social Media Senior Associate

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Chris Boreham
General Manager

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Nikos Tentzerakis
Back Office Administrator

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Phoebe Christodoulou
Chief Accountant 

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Tim Davies
Non-Executive Director
for Growth Strategy

Giorgos Landas member of the Board of Directors

Giorgos Landas
Board Member

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Lenas Thoma member of the Board of Directors

Lenas Thoma

Board Member

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We have an incredible team of experts and professionals sharing a common goal; to bring value to our members. To help them grow and move forward with confidence, break their geographical boundaries and exploit global resources.



Our member's values, apart of what is considered to be by default, ethics, professionalism, integrity and independence, is set to be their commitment to delivering excellence in whatever they do, be close to the client and focus on their client's interests.

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Delphi Alliance is a limited liability company with offices in Greece and Cyprus, both being E.U. member countries. 

All member firms are entitled to one redeemable share (valid only while being a member) with the right to attend the AGM and have voting rights.

the Myth of Delphi

According to Greek mythology, Zeus wanted to locate the centre of the earth. He launched two eagles from the two ends of the world starting their journey simultaneously, flying at equal speed. The two eagles crossed their path at a single point. From that point Zeus threw a stone from the sky to see where it will fall, and the stone landed at Delphi Greece. Zeus declared Delphi as the centre of the world, the omphalos (navel) of the earth.

Delphi Alliance
Delhi Alliance
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