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  • What is Delphi Alliance and what is the scope?
    Delphi Alliance is the first multi-practice global Association linking professionals from twelve different lines of services with exclusivity membership rights by country, city and by line of service, building synergies and creating new business opportunities between member firms both locally and globally.
  • Which are the lines of business?
    Delphi Alliance TM has been registered as a European Trademark on the 8.8.2019 with Reg.No. 017894420, for classes 35, 41, 45 and specific services under class 36. Delphi Alliance TM will also be registered in each country (outside the EU) where a member is located, creating a Trade Mark recognised worldwide. 1. Marketing & Advertising 2. Information Technology 3. Human Resource 4. Fiduciary & Administration 5. Audit & Assurance, Accounting, Payroll & Taxation 6. Financial & Monetary 7. Business & Management Advisory 8. Compliance 9. Real Estate 10. Reporting, Translation & Interpretation 11. Professional Training & Education 12. Legal Services You can find out more by following the below link: ​
  • What is the Delphi Alliance Partner Program and how a member can benefit out of it?
    Delphi Alliance’s Partners Program intends to bring value to its members, by securing them access to products, services, events and media, at discount prices and with a privileged treatment. Partners are selected in a way to provide the members with technical, geographical, specific or general coverage. In addition, based on the arrangements secured with all its Partners, Delphi Alliance (and its members) gain access to contacts, webinars, networking events and more referrals.
  • Why Delphi Alliance is different from other Networks and Associations?
    Delphi Alliance offers the opportunity for joining a Local Alliance and at the same time, a Global Alliance. Working together with another 11 professionals from all lines of services, in your own country, while providing local access to resources and knowledge that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. The referral opportunities between members are multiplied and the joint venture opportunities are easily accessible.
  • What are the membership requirements?
    Middle-Size firm Reputable name in the city / country Member of qualified associations (local and international) / Professional License to practice No previous disciplinary actions / lawsuits Awards and honors (preferable) International Clients / Potential for referral work in the network High quality services (successful monitoring visits - where applicable) Successful result on Delphi Alliance admission due diligence Available business plan for expansion References
  • How can my firm become a member?
    For a firm to become a member of Delphi Alliance, is required to follow a specific application procedure which is explained in detailed in the link below:
  • Is there exclusivity?
    Member firms enjoy exclusivity by line of service, by country and by city.
  • Is there a referral scheme?
    Yes, there is an attractive referral scheme in place, explained in the membership application procedure.
  • What are the member benefits of Joining Delphi Alliance and what package of services does a member get with its membership fee?
    Members of Delphi Alliance enjoy the following benefits: Participation in a local alliance with another 11 expert professional member firms covering the whole spectrum of professional services to an enterprise, Participation in a Global Alliance with a targeted presence in 38 countries, 55 business centres. Sharing of resources and expertise between the members (both locally and globally). Participation opportunities in joint ventures for bidding in large international projects and public procurements (Delphi Alliance monitors the public procurements locally and globally). Free participation in local, regional and global workgroups organised by Delphi Alliance. Free participation in the Delphi Alliance podcasts. Multiple opportunities for referral work (intra-country and intra-alliance). Free subscriptions in international publications and other media outlets with whom Delphi Alliance has an arrangement for its members. Free participation in conferences / events organised by companies and partners with whom Delphi Alliance has an arrangement for its members. All year-round marketing exposure / promotion (digital and printed) in Delphi Alliance website and social media as well as media companies with whom Delphi Alliance has an arrangement for its members.
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