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1st Online Greek members meeting

We are delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the 1st Online Meeting of the Greek Members of our Alliance on the 16th of December 2021. In his opening statement, the CEO of Delphi Alliance, Mr Christos Christodoulou, referred to the Alliance's progress after its official launch in July 2021, the inclusion of Delphi Alliance among the finalists of the “Rising Star Association of the Year Award” by the International Accounting Bulletin in London, the strategic plan for the Alliance's expansion and the undergoing discussions for partnerships globally.

The COO, Mr Demos Antoniou, analysed marketing and promotional matters, member visibility locally and internationally, the upcoming inaugural issue of the “DELPHI ALLIANCE BULLETIN”, the referral procedures, and ways of working efficiently within the Alliance.

The members had the opportunity to present their business and services and exchanged views about the Alliance and its innovative approach, its future expansion to 55 business centres worldwide, member relations and the preparations for the 1st Greek Members physical event in 2022.


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