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Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd: “new since 2003”

Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd. joyfully celebrates its first 20 years in the Cypriot market. It was founded in 2003 in Cyprus and in 2004 it expanded to Greece with the creation of CRC Hellas. Since 2013, Charakis is the partner of the multinational company Gi Group SA in CyCprus, one of the largest companies providing specialized Human Resources Development services worldwide and with a presence in more than 45 countries. At the same time, Charakis is member of the Delphi Alliance international network in matters of HR Consulting and Business Training.

Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd. Central Philosophy is innovation. For this reason, we invest in Research and Development beca

use we believe in gaining competitiveness through innovation and diversity. Our approach is focused on helping our clients achieve meaningful and sustainable business results.

The company offers a full range of specialized solutions and services in personnel development matters, always tailormade to the specific needs of our customers.

The services provided are designed based on a super-integrated methodology (Synolic® Model) which takes into account the development of not only conventional work factors but also personal factors.

The company adopted this model, which creates significant benefits in the assessment of improvement needs as to the efficiency of employees, since it takes into account factors that influence both the way decisions are made as well as human behavior itself.

The success and effectiveness of people in business depends on how they match their professional and personal goals and values.

Businesses that are truly interested in investing in the potential of their people can, by using the specialized approaches of Charakis Research & Consulting, realize what their employees are engaged in and what prevents them from moving forward, in order to guide them to redefine their goals, to give another perspective to the role of their position but also to understand what activates them to succeed.

Important milestones for the company were:

- the development of the nlpincyprus service line in 2004, providing specialized services using neuro-linguistic programming techniques,

- the completion of the Research Program "NEMO"©® in 2007, the first integrated digital content management tool with spatial awareness in Europe,

- the development in 2009 of a system of interrelating the Academy and the Shipping industry for the creation of the Cyprus Shipping Cluster (Naftothorax Program)

- the involvement in multiple European Research programs from 2016 onwards,

- but also the development of specialized digital content on 18 different soft skills topics specialised for the Maritime industry, which were acquired by a German multinational company and now are promoted to the global market (2022).

You can read the article in Greek on at the link HERE


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