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Delphi Alliance launches Community LinkedIn Group for its Members and Partners.

Delphi Alliance the first multi-practice global Association linking professionals from twelve different lines of services with exclusivity membership rights by country, city, and by line of service is delighted to announce the launch of “Delphi Alliance Community Group’’ on LinkedIn for its Members and Partners.

Chris Boreham, General Manager of Delphi Alliance, expressed his delight of the launch of the new LinkedIn Community Group and stated below the benefits in providing our members and partners with a platform to facilitate and foster community engagement.

‘’We want to provide as much value as possible and encourage community engagement among our members and partners, to participate in discussions, share insights, best practices, case studies, resources, expertise, seek advice, ask for guidance, and contribute to posts and news articles that offer value and are relevant to the group. The LinkedIn Community group also provides an additional medium to communicate planned work groups and participation in global and regional conferences and events by the Alliance as well as announcements and introductions of new members and partnerships’’.

Commenting further on the how the Alliance has grown to 24 members in 4 countries since our establishment in July last year. “The Alliance continues to grow with interest from global independent professional mid-size firms as we plan to be present in 38 countries within the next 3/4 years”. ‘’We look forward to announcing and welcoming soon new founding members of Delphi Alliance’’.


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