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Configuring FortiGate Azure Virtual Machine


By combining stateful examination with a comprehensive suite of heavy-duty security features, the FortiGate- Virtual Machine delivers next-generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities for organizations of all sizes, with the inflexibility to be stationed as NGFW and/ or VPN gateway. It protects against cyber dangers with high performance, security efficacity, and deep visibility. This answer is available for deployment on Microsoft Azure, and in this composition, we will cover several ways how you can configure your Virtual FortiGate, but the easiest and most common way is the download it from the marketplace when you log in to Microsoft Azure.


You can deploy FortiGate using custom templates from VHD image files. These files you'll find these from Fortinet Customer Service and Support. Once you've got downloaded your Fortinet product from there, you unzip the file and locate the fortios.vhd file. Upload this file to your storage location as required by your deployment template.

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