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Customer satisfaction in the accountancy sector slips during lockdown

The accountancy sector needs to think again in the future when it comes to ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and retaining clients, according to the findings of a survey conducted by brand strategy consultancy Insight 101. 

Whilst 38% of the survey respondents said they were satisfied with service from their accounts, more than a quarter of respondents (27%) said their accountant had not delivered as expected and 42% said their accountant had not lived up to their values and promises.

Only around a third of respondents (35%) had picked up a telephone to speak to their clients during lockdown – others had relied on email or other forms of communication.

Insight 101 and company founder Philippa Haynes said it was clear accountants needed to do more to prove their worth during these challenging and unprecedented times.

Read the full article in the International Accounting Bulletin here


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