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Delphi Alliance members completed the online workshop "Turn Connections to Clients (TCTC)™"

Participants of Delphi Alliance member firms recently completed the 4-part online workshop, titled "Turn Connections to Clients (TCTC)™".

The workshop was proudly organized by Delphi Alliance to provide value and benefit our members in learning to manage and leverage their local and global member connections within the Delphi Alliance Community and beyond.

The workshop covered the following:

  • Set clear goals for building relationships and ensure a clear mindset no matter what it takes

  • Use simple practices to build the right habits and act with consistency

  • Assess your connections and aggregate them into one place

  • Create a system to prioritize your relationships, so you can focus on the right ones (including within Delphi alliance)

  • Gather relevant intelligence on your connections

  • Create an effective follow-up plan with your connections to engage and add value consistently

  • Get and track results that inspire better and deeper connections

We would like to say a big thank you! to all member participants and special thanks! to the inspiring workshop facilitator, Itzik Amiel, a former international tax lawyer, the global leading authority on business development, business networking and personal branding founder & CEO of THE SWITCH™.


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