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Delphi Alliance proudly announces its partnership with Liquid Media

Delphi Alliance proudly announces its partnership with the most respected and influential digital publishing group in Greece, Liquid Media.

Liquid Media is a digital publishing group with a portfolio of top brands. Both, the properties of the group, and the collaborating sites offer a high level of service and broad communication solutions in a premium environment. Its brands have more than 12 million unique users and 200 million monthly page views.

The 6 Digital Brands are:

  • Gazzetta: The biggest online source of spots information in Greece.

  • Insider: The economy news! Hosting domestic and international columnists and bloggers.

  • Various news on entertainment, lifestyle, technology and cars from Greece and the world.

  • One of the biggest women sites in Greece with emphasis on fashion, style, beauty fitness and nutrition.

  • The most popular youth portal in Greece

  • Is one of the most creative, innovative, fastest growing media outlets on the Greek internet.

For more information visit:

We wish Liquid Media all the best and we encourage our members to explore the opportunity to benefit from this media group.


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