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Delphi Alliance proudly announces its partnership with TaxModel

Delphi Alliance proudly announces its partnership with tax technology specialists TaxModel.

Delphi Alliance’s Partner Program concerns partnering with Internationally Recognised Companies that provide products and/or services that add value to our members.

Our members can benefit from this program either by receiving special discounts and/or by participating in useful webinars and other digital or physical events (either for networking, panelling, or learning).

TaxModel are there for the tax professionals that are on a mission to scale their practice, hate doing repetitive workstreams manually, believe in collaboration, step-up quality, leverage resources, and dare to stand out as innovative.

Over the past 10 years they have serviced hundreds of intermediaries and multinationals, ranging from smaller to some of the largest boutique firms, law firms, corporate service providers, accounting firms and multinationals. They have researched the key pains that all these companies across the globe encounter, and knew they could contribute to tax profession 2.0, that is why they started TaxModel.

TaxModel brings tax practices to a next level by:

  • Building state-of-the-art tax technology

  • Providing access to best-in-class transfer pricing service

They help intermediaries and multinationals with solid tax technology and team For more information:

We wish TaxModel all the best and we encourage our members and the clients of our members to explore the opportunity to benefit from the tax technology software solutions and services.


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