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Delphi Alliance proudly announces its partnership with the advisory/coaching firm PerfectClient.

Delphi Alliance’s Partner’s program concerns partnering with Internationally Recognised Companies that provide products and/or services that add value to our members. Our members can benefit from this program either by receiving special discounts and/or by participating in useful webinars and other digital or physical events (either for networking, panelling, or learning).

Perfect Client helps professional service firms to attract their ideal clients. The process starts by identifying a firm’s ‘Perfect Client DNA’. From there they help them to transform their appeal from lukewarm to many, to red hot to their chosen few – their premium fee-paying, perfect clients.

They achieve this by taking the focus off the practice, their people and their experience and onto the problems, emotions and aspirations of their best clients. This proven repositioning process makes them the only logical choice for the clients they help best, their perfect clients. The outcome is marketing and business development that screens out the bad fits whilst attracting a consistent flow of high quality/ high margin new clients.

Discover more here

We wish PerfectClient all the best and we encourage our members and the clients of our members to explore the opportunity to use their services.


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