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Delphi Alliance Welcomes its new member Forlexa Legal & Business Consulting

Delphi Alliance is happy to welcome its new member in Bulgaria, in the Line of Legal Service.

FORLEXA is one of the fast developing law firms in Bourgas and Bulgaria as a whole. Our experts have provided legal services for private and public companies, government agencies, banks and other financial and commercial institutions since 1997.

Their focus is so their clients obtain the best service, regardless of the size or complexity of any business or legal problem, they ensure that they are up-to-date with their clients’ plans and fully aware of their needs. They frequently manage transactions on a round-the-clock basis. Their experience in complex transactions has built the organisational and liaison skills that clients require.

Forlexas’ aim is total client satisfaction. The firm can call on the services of leading experts in many fields. It is important for them that their clients should enjoy and appreciate working effectively with them. This also involves regular and frank meetings to review their performance on transactions and their clients' satisfaction with the individual lawyers assigned to them. In this way they ensure that the service provided is constantly improved upon. In accord with their intention to provide the very best, they invest in recruitment, training and technology.

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Delphi Alliance, the first multi-practice global alliance aims to be the centre of the world for professionals, with presence in 38 countries and independent expert professionals with exclusivity by country in each of the 12 lines of service.

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