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Delphi Alliance Welcomes its new member Zeta.

Delphi Alliance is delighted to welcome its new member in Malta, in the Line of Fiduciary & Administration. Zeta offers targeted business solutions to corporate and private clients who wish to set up and manage and administer their business in Malta and Gibraltar. Zeta strives to provide its clients with tailor-made solutions helping them achieve their desired targets.

Zeta offers a comprehensive line of services which include but are not limited to company formation & management; corporate; payroll services; investment fund formation & management; relocation; yacht and aircraft registration as well as Trustee; fiduciary and escrow services.

The corporate administration and fiduciary line of business are regulated and licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Zeta is committed to supporting client expectations and building a satisfying long-term relationship while retaining its primary focus, the client’s business, and family success. Whether you are entering or already operating in the European markets or seeking to enhance your family wealth, Zeta can assist you in providing comprehensive solutions to complex and cumbersome issues.

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