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Delphi Alliance Welcomes New Member in Israel

Delphi Alliance Welcomes New Member in Israel

We're thrilled to greet BDOAW & Co who have recently joined our esteemed alliance in Israel.

BDOAW & Co join us as our distinguished members in the line of Legal Services.

BDOAW, founded in 2020 is a joint venture of two leading boutique firms, namely Barr Dinovetskey & Co and Weinberg & Co.

BDOAW is comprised of a select team of excellent attorneys, alumni of leading law firms and global companies, who have been carefully chosen to provide excellent professional service while also giving personal attention to all its clients.  BDOAW’s legal team is known for its abilities to provide legal counsel from an interdisciplinary and strategic perspective that combines, inter alia, the extensive knowledge held by BDOAW’s partners across a variety of fields, namely litigation, real estate, finance, technology, commercial and corporate.

Barr Dinovetskey & Co. ( is a leading boutique firm in its field, which was founded in 2020 by Adv. Ariel Dinovetskey and Adv. Ori Barr, prominent attorneys with over 20 years of experience. Barr Dinovetskey & Co specializes in litigation, real estate, commercial and other services.

Weinberg & Co. ( is a leading boutique firm in its field, which was founded in 2008 by Adv. Paul Weinberg, a prominent attorney with 30 years of experience. Weinberg & Co specializes in the corporate and commercial fields, financing, M&A and other related services, with a special focus on the high-tech and healthcare industries.

Discover more about BDOAW & Co on their websites:

Please spare a moment to contact BDOAW & Co and offer them a heartfelt welcome.

Delphi Alliance takes immense pride in being the pioneering multi-practice global Association, uniting independent expert professional services firms across a spectrum of twelve distinct lines of services. Our membership framework with exclusivity both by country and line of service, positions us as an unparalleled platform for fostering collaboration and nurturing growth opportunities. 

Learn more about Delphi Alliance and how you can become part of our unique Multi-Practice Global Alliance of Professionals: 


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