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Digital Tree Group announces its membership in the world's first multi-practice global network, Del

Delphi Alliance is the first global multi-practice alliance that connects professionals from twelve different service lines with exclusive membership rights by country, city, and by service line, creating partnerships and new business opportunities between members.

Delphi Alliance's mission is to end the "One Stop Shop" offered by large organizations and introduce the "one expert and independent professional" model for every service sector, in every country.

"Our goal is to actively contribute to the mission, goals, and actions of Delphi Alliance. With the inclusion of Digital Tree as a member, we are offered the opportunity to share knowledge and resources through the Delphi Alliance network,'' noted Phanos Demetriou, CEO of Digital Tree.

"Digital Tree's participation is a significant step towards the future actions of the alliance. Our members and their clientele are expected to gain an important service provider who together with the rest of our professional team is expected to improve their presence in the market", said Christos Christodoulou, CEO of Delphi Alliance.

We look forward to working closely with Delphi Alliance and its network.

You can read the article in Greek on at the link HERE


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