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Great success at the recent Delphi Alliance Greek Members Meeting.

On Thursday 16/6/2022, Delphi Alliance hosted its first official physical meeting for its members in Greece.

The first multi-practice international alliance in the world linking professionals from twelve different lines of services with exclusivity membership rights by country, city and by line of service met at the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Syntagma, Athens for a presentation dinner attended by more than 30 participants.

The keynote speaker, Mr. Christos Christodoulou, CEO of Delphi Alliance, presented the current position of the alliance and announced that by the end of the year Delphi Alliance will be expanding to 10 countries. He also stated, “What is so remarkable about Delphi Alliance is that even though we launched a few months ago, the lines of business in Cyprus and Greece have already been completed by prominent companies. In addition, the Alliance is supported through strategic partnerships by eight large companies from Greece, Cyprus, United Kingdom and other countries providing its members with technological support as well as other services to the benefit of its members”.

The event was attended also by a guest from the United Kingdom, representing a leading independent UK professional services consultancy firm, who expressed its intention to proceed and join as a founding member of Delphi Alliance in the UK.

On the following day, Delphi Alliance organized three workgroups having its members being involved in creative joint ventures and promotion of the member’s work, both in Greece and abroad.

About Delphi Alliance

Delphi Alliance is an alliance of independent firms around the world, distinguished in their areas of practice in their country, offering a wide range of services. Delphi Alliance is the first multi-practice global alliance providing synergies and opportunities to its members and assisting them to grow worldwide and offering them the opportunity to compete against multinational firms via joint ventures, for global and local assignments.

This is how the local media captured the event:

Publication 16/6/2022

Publication 17/6/2022


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