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IT Maintenance and Support made easy

Why trouble your head with IT worries, leave it to the experts. We, at IBSCY LTD, can cover your company’s needs.

A proactive IT process uses constant monitoring, analysis, and feedback to identify IT issues before they become major issues. IT collaborates with the organization to understand and protect the needs and priorities of your departments. In a proactive environment, information technology is always ready to fight a fire whether it concerns IT Security or hardware issues. However, fires are now smaller and less common, and the risk of any significant cybersecurity loss or a hardware disaster is mitigated.

IBSCY LTD is your one-stop technology company for IT maintenance and support, with all the necessary procedures and processes in place as well as our experienced support staff assisting several customers in Cyprus and across Europe. Our IT maintenance services include software and hardware maintenance, such as computer and server maintenance.

IT maintenance can be provided in a variety of plans. You can select any of our IT maintenance plans based on your company's needs, or we can create a customized one upon request. You can buy a few hours per month or even hire a dedicated IT support person to come to your office several hours and/or days per week. You can even select a plan that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can devise a strategy together.

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IBSCY is a proud member of Delphi Alliance in Cyprus.


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