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ANNOUNCEMENT – Members Only Online Workshop “Turn Connections to Clients (TCTC)”

Available only to Delphi Alliance members, the "Turn Connections to Clients (TCTC)” workshop sessions will help successfully switch existing connections to clients, grow the business, and maximize the membership benefits.

Delphi Alliance invests in its members and has partnered with advocate Itzik Amiel, a former international tax lawyer, the leading global authority on business development, business networking, and personal branding founder & CEO of THE SWITCH™, a multimillion-dollar, human skills training and development company. Itzik understands what it’s like to leverage your relationship capital to grow your business.

In his 28+ year career and mentoring thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs from over the world, Itzik gathered a variety of strategies and tactics to leverage relationships to build and grow a professional practice or a business. In TCTC, Itzik wants to equip the members with the framework and the process for building – and profiting from – strong, authentic professional relationships.

Delphi Alliance looks forward to a very valuable, insightful and absolutely joyful training.


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