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Make DEI part of your DNA

Any effort to mitigate bias and grow inclusivity within an organisation must begin with people,” says diversity, equity and inclusion expert Dr. Randal Pinkett. “At the end of the day, organisations do not change; people change,” he emphasises.

Dr. Pinkett’s new book, DATA-DRIVEN DEI: The Tools and Metrics You Need to Measure, Analyse, and Improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Wiley, March 14, 2023), centers first and foremost on personal transformation, presenting a five-step cycle that enables individuals and their organisations to measure, organise, and improve their DEI.

“DEI represents a unique and unparalleled opportunity to break down the walls that can separate us in our personal lives, within our organisations, and throughout our society,” writes Dr. Pinkett. Co-founder and CEO of the global consulting firm BCT Partners, Dr. Pinkett has spent the past three decades helping people and organisations across the globe become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. His approach relies on using data to measure, organise and improve DEI. This entails assessing the current reality; establishing objectives and goals; developing strategies with defined measures; and using data to gauge progress, evaluate results, and demonstrate impact.

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