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Moebius Software - Delivering Efficiency!

Moebius Limited ( specializes in the implementation of integrated business management systems designed to deliver exceptional levels of efficiency to a wide range of businesses regardless of size. Moebius’ main area of business is the development of its comprehensive business automation solution Moebius Software, which is used by more than 800 users in 40 companies.

Moebius was established more than 8 years ago and supports clients in a wide variety of businesses such as Administrative Service Providers (ASP), Legal and Audit practices. Its business objective is to create and continually evolve an easy-to-use software that solves everyday problems for a wide range of businesses regardless of size. This objective is realized by identifying the root needs of businesses through consultation with specialist users and consequently develop the functions, features and design of the system to address those needs. So, in effect Moebius Software is built by business people for business use.

Moebius software contains functions that any business can benefit from. For example, it delivers an integrated package containing, but not limited to, customer and contact management, time and billing, document management, human resources and sales lead management; and combines these universal functions with specialist tools for regulated organizations such as compliance, corporate administration and legal case management. Moebius’ billing functions integrate with several popular accounting systems thus delivering the efficiency of capturing time, expenses, invoice and collections information in one system and delivering it with no extra effort to the client’s accounting system.

Using Moebius, a Legal practice, for example, can cover all its needs for managing clients, performing due diligence and compliance reviews, managing cases, working with documents, recording time, and the full billing cycle from issuing invoices to collecting payments. For ASPs there is, in addition, full capital management, forms for submission to the registrar, corporate register and corporate structures, and a project management function for gathering all the information for client projects in a single easy-access point.

Because Moebius is a flexible and configurable system, other businesses, such as Audit or accounting firms can use the same functions to manage their businesses by adjusting the parameters of the various functions to meet their requirements. Moebius’s integrated approach optimizes data capture to ensure consistent organization-wide information is available for use in powerful customizable business analytics reports.

Security is a very important and integral part of Moebius. Its security features give the ability to screen access to data and documents as well as access to system functions, with options to control data access from workgroup level down to a more granular level – such as hiding specific fields from view.

By using Moebius companies reduce their management costs, can offer increased quality in their service provision, optimise complex processes and use the system’s customisable dashboard reporting to drill into data from across the business to support decision-making. Moebius Limited operates under a quality management system according to ISO 9001 (1710CY23Q) and ISO 27001 (1710CY23IS) standards, and is certified by RIGCERT.

Moebius is a member of Delphi Alliance, the first multi-practice global Association linking professionals from twelve different lines of services with exclusivity membership rights by country, city and by line of service, building synergies and creating new business opportunities between member firms. The twelve multi-practice participation creates the ground-breaking "local and global alliance" concept, allowing its members to share insights, knowledge, expertise, global resources, client referrals and develop joint ventures to bid for public procurements and local and international projects that have eligibility requirements, which essentially would be extremely difficult to achieve on their own.

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