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Delphi Alliance proudly announces its partnership with the company Hazlis & Rivas.

Delphi Alliance’s Partner’s program concerns partnering with Internationally Recognised Companies that provide products and/or services that add value to our members. Our members can benefit from this partnership by attending their prestige events as delegates or panellists via the Delphi Alliance delegation.

Hazlis & Rivas was established in 1994 and, since 1996 has been the exclusive and official representative of the Economist Events for Greece, Cyprus, Malta and SE Europe, holding full responsibility of planning and implementing all events that take place in the region. With an exceptional reputation and a high level of expertise, Hazlis & Rivas runs over 20 events every year for individuals who enjoy new ideas and are passionate about the issues that define the world. Whether it’s a summit, industry forum or government roundtable, their events provide the ideal setting for interactive, open and informed debate with a forward looking and uniquely global perspective. The main goal is to debate, brainstorm and put forward new proposals on all the critical questions that need to be tackled and promote and enhance all vital issues related to each event’s scope. Thus, these events bring together government officials, businessmen, analysts and academics from all over the world for an in-depth analysis, open and objective dialogue on the issues at hand.

You can find out more about Hazlis & Rivas at


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