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Presenting Our Sponsor - Delphi Alliance 1st Global Conference!

We are thrilled to announce that TAXAND has generously joined us as a sponsor for our 1st Global Conference that will take place in Athens, Greece on 25,26,27 October 2023!

TAXAND is the world’s largest independent organisation of tax experts with more than 700 tax partners and over 3,000 tax advisors in 48 countries. Together we deliver high quality, practical, integrated tax advice to our clients worldwide. We are focussed on understanding you and your business needs. We work in partnership with you to navigate an ever-changing tax landscape.

You can find more about TAXAND here:

Stay tuned for more updates. Get ready to be inspired and enlightened at Delphi Alliance’s 1st Global Conference!

There is still time to buy your tickets and join the event click on this link now:


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