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1. Planning Permit 2. Building Permit 3. Certificate of Final Approval 4. Separation Permit 5. Issuance of Title Deed

Let's now see in detail what each of the 5 steps is about:

1. The Planning Permit is the initial approval for any building development. Its issuance means that the development meets the provisions and standards of the Town Planning Authority. What is considered in the planning application is the use of the development and its size. By use we mean the type of development, i.e. if it is a residence, offices, hotel, etc. The size on the other hand is determined by the Building Density and the Coverage Density. The town planning permit is issued by the Town Planning Authorities which are the local town planning offices or by the Town Halls of the big cities. The application for a planning permit precedes the application for a building permit. 2. Building Permit: In order to build, demolish, construct, extend, modify, repair or change the use of real estate in the Republic of Cyprus, after securing a planning permit, one must obtain a building permit from the competent local authority depending on the location of the property property: for example from the Municipality, or the Community Council of the community in which the real estate is located. 3. Certificate of Final Approval: The Certificate of Final Approval of a building is the document that certifies that the building was erected based on the approved architectural plans and studies. It is the final stage of the licensing procedures in Cyprus and only takes place once all the construction works are finished. Its issuance constitutes the final certification that the building was erected in accordance with the Building Permit, therefore the competent authority responsible for its issuance is the Municipal Authority.

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