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The Cambridge Dictionary team choses “hallucinate” as its Word of the Year 2023

A word that may determine the future of AI

As language service professionals for over two decades now, we were certainly not surprised here at ALPHABET that the Cambridge Dictionary chose “hallucinate” as Word of the Year 2023. This term refers to a particular feature of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and the so-called Large Language Models (LLMs), where the information generated by an AI system often ranges from being inaccurate to downright false.

So, what does such a system do? Its main purpose is to answer questions on any subject, provide instructions and information of any nature, generate text or even perform specific tasks, such as creating a summary or correcting an existing text (based on specific stylistic criteria specified by the user), creating legal content or even generating programming code to perform various operations, even to create a website from scratch. As expected, an LLM can also translate; but more on that below.

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