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Welcoming of the new Member and Partner of Delphi Alliance

Among the distinguished members of Delphi Alliance, is now Infocredit Group, which will provide innovative and comprehensive solutions and regulatory compliance services. This new partnership can help Delphi Alliance members grow and compete with multinational companies for global and local projects in various fields.

Infocredit Group is the leading provider of business information and risk management solutions with over 50 years of experience. The company offers Credit Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, ESG and Consulting Services, Debt Recovery, Call Center, Vocational Training and Digital Marketing. Through an internationally recognized network of strategic partners, such as Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions, Finclude, VinciWorks, CICM, ICSA, MACM, Infocredit Group provides complete solutions helping businesses meet their financial, legal and ethical obligations. With offices in the United Arab Emirates and a presence in Greece, Malta, Russia and Romania, Infocredit Group also provides solutions in the international market.

Christos Christodoulou, CEO of Deplhi Alliance said: "Infocredit Group will not be just a member and partner. It will lead the Compliance Service Line and provide valuable support to the development of Delphi Alliance. We welcome Infocredit Group and look forward to a successful partnership "

But the benefits of having Infocredit Group as a member don’t stop here. Members of Delphi Alliance, through Infocredit Group will be able to leverage the regulatory compliance services and legal solutions of LexisNexis, the leading provider of legal, regulatory and business information and analytics, worldwide. Lexis Nexis provides Anti Money Laundering Compliance systems that enable organizations to conduct a thorough audit and monitoring of their clientele to avoid money laundering risks and to effectively align with money laundering legislation.

In addition, Infocredit Group will offer access to two innovative systems to Delphi Alliance members, the AML Suite platform and eCheck360.

The AML Suite platform brings together the powerful tools organizations need for their clients' AML / KYC processes to stay in line with international regulatory standards. ECheck360 is the first Pan-European transactional assessment platform to fill the huge gap in fair access to credit products / services and to create a common Pan-European Credit Score.

“Through our cooperation with Delphi Alliance we provide members with comprehensive regulatory compliance solutions. As a company we have the know-how and technology to add value to organizations, helping them meet their compliance challenges and regulatory requirements in many jurisdictions, meeting the highest regulatory compliance standards!" stated Theodoros Kringou, CEO of Infocredit Group.

Delphi Alliance

The first multi-practice global Association linking professionals from twelve different lines of services with exclusivity membership rights by country, city and by line of service, building synergies and creating new business opportunities between member firms. The twelve multi-practice participation creates the ground-breaking "local and global alliance" concept, allowing its members to share insights, knowledge, expertise, global resources, client referrals and develop joint ventures to bid for public procurements and local and international projects that have eligibility requirements, which essentially would be extremely difficult to achieve on their own.

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