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CSC Christodoulou

The firm was founded in Limassol in 2004 by Christos S. Christodoulou. Within just a few years it became a professional reference of what the accountancy profession in Cyprus had to offer.  Our achievements are mainly credited to the dedication and commitment of our people who are highly skilled professionals, genuinely caring about our clients. They are also credited to our vision in combination with the principles and ethics that guide us. 


In the year 2005, the firm became the first accounting, auditing firm outside the United Kingdom and Ireland, winning a global award for quality, issued by ACCA. By applying international practices for professional services and operations as required by ACCA, the firm was presented with the ACCA Quality Checked award, being the first firm to achieve this since the award went global. Moreover, the firm was awarded again by ACCA and ICPAC with Quality Checked Awards in 2013. During the year 2015, ACCA and ICPAC have discontinued their Quality Checked program and they do not offer the Quality Checked Award to their members anymore.


Moreover, the firm has been presented with many other awards, honors and appointments, i.e. Auditors of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Cyprus (ICPAC), the Gold Approved Employer status by ACCA and others. In 2019, the firm has passed successfully its third consecutive monitoring visit by ACCA and ICPAC, not only for its auditing and other professional services but also for its AML compliance with the local laws and European Directives.

CSC Christodoulou

  • Services

    • Audit and Assurance
    • Accounting and Compliance
    • Taxation
    • Advisory
    • Fraud Prevention
    • Private Recruitment
  • Contact info

    24, Spyros Kyprianou Avenue

    CSC House, 2-3 Floors

    3070 Lemesos



    T. +357 25 738 938

    F. +357 25 738 868

  • Offices

    Limassol, Nicosia



  • Members contact details

    Managing Director: Christos Christodoulou


    Liaison Person: Christos Christodoulou

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