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IBSCY LTD (Intelligent Business Solutions Cyprus) was created in 2004 by a team of young Information Technology professionals in order to provide more expertise and knowledge to any company throughout Cyprus no matter its size or sector. The company has become one of the most respected IT companies in Cyprus and Europe with clients throughout all the countries of the European Union.

IBSCY Ltd is a leading provider of total IT solutions and IT services in Cyprus and specializes in the areas of cloud services and applications, systems integration, IT infrastructure, collaboration, management and security solutions. Currently, IBSCY Ltd is one of the largest Microsoft cloud providers in Cyprus and in the greater region.

Our scope is to provide services and products that will enable our clients to use technology for the benefit of their organization, hence increasing their business value and profitability while at the same time organizing information technology and streamlining operations. IBSCY LTD is using and applying new technologies that we provide and implement to offer the advantage to our clients for a competitive advantage and a fast and actual ROI (Return On Investment). It is very important for us to provide not only the right hardware but also the right expertise in order for you to be able to use the technology that you will pay for in the maximum possible way. With new technologies, such as the cloud, we offer our clients’ competitive advantage in order to do business easily and cost-effectively.


All of the above can be fulfilled with the proven expertise that our engineers and Information Technology consultants and engineers have due to:


  • Vast number of certifications from leading partners such as Microsoft, HP, HPE, Fujitsu, VMWare, Peplink and many others.
  • Proven industry expertise in several verticals.
  • One of the largest Microsoft cloud providers in Cyprus and at the greater region.
  • Strategic partnerships with several vendors such as Microsoft, Peplink, Synology, AWS and many others.
  • Availability of cloud products that are created and maintained by IBSCY LTD such as cloud storage and backup. These products are hosted to our data centers in Cyprus.
  • The only company in the island that offers "clear" and "actual cloud products" such as cloud telephony and cloud servers.
  • Hands-on experience on local hybrid and cloud infrastructure setup, configuration and maintenance.


IBSCY Ltd serves its clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. We make sure that our clients have what they need to run their businesses as well as possible, with maximum efficiency and reliability. Many of our services and applications are mission-critical, so we assure our clients that we will be there when they need us.

With clients all over the world and with partnerships with leading IT companies, we guarantee high-level of services, products and expertise. Using IBSCY as your IT contractor for all your IT needs in Cyprus and abroad, you can rest assured that you will get the best quality of services and products, thus, you focus on your business and not in IT issues or projects. Our main advantages as a company are:


  • One of the largest Microsoft cloud providers in Cyprus and the greater region.
  • Cloud experts in Cyprus since 2009.
  • Hands-on experience in various IT technologies.
  • Providers of full infrastructure, IT services and products for any type of organization.
  • "One-stop" partner for all the IT and Telecom corporate needs.
  • Experienced IT personnel.
  • Good references with several application providers.
  • Several partnerships with other established IT companies.
  • Fast and reliable IT support.
  • Full range of IT services including structure cabling, IT infrastructure, multifunction machines and business applications.


  • Services

    • IT Services and support
    • Structure cabling
    • Printing solutions
    • Cloud Services
    • Hosting Services
    • Virtualization
    • Cloud Computing
    • Business consulting


  • Contact Info

    Office 11, 1st Floor,  Harmony House,

    4 Theklas Lisioti street, CY-3030, Limassol, Cyprus


    T: +357 (25) 25 45 53

    F: +357 (25) 25 45 55






  • Members contact details

    Solutions Director: Avgoustinos Constantinides


    Liaison Person: Olga Papadimitriou

    Position: Business Development Officer


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