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PROTOCOL: Empowering Business Decisions with Data and Insight


Established Excellence
With over 24 years of dedication to online business research, PROTOCOL is a Premier Google Partner, ranking in the top 3% globally. Our expertise spans major markets, with 25% of our revenue generated from clients in the EU and USA.


A History of Innovation
Since our inception in 2001, we've consistently provided our clients with real value and a competitive edge, adapting and growing in the fast-paced world of digital analytics.


Introducing MARKET INSIGHTS (2023)
Last year, we launched our pioneering application, MARKET INSIGHTS. Designed to convert raw data into actionable intelligence, this tool is indispensable across three critical business dimensions:

  • Market Trend Analysis: Delve into market demands precisely, utilising at least 8 key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Competition Analysis: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your competitors with detailed assessments based on 15 KPIs.
  • Reputation and Publicity: Monitor and enhance your public image and reputation using 6 distinct evaluation indicators.


Versatile Application
MARKET INSIGHTS is universally applicable across all industries and markets, providing tailored insights that drive success.


Expansion and Partnership (2024)
This year, PROTOCOL embarked on an ambitious project to develop an international network of partners, further extending our reach and enhancing our collaborative efforts globally.


Join Us on Our Journey
Discover how PROTOCOL can transform your business strategies with advanced insights and a global perspective. Together, let's lead the future of industry intelligence


  • Services

    Digital Marketing

    Web Development

    Digital Marketing Analysis

  • Contact Info

    A.  46 Irinis Ave. | Pefki | 151 21 | Greece
  • Members Contact Details

    Konstantinos Bakopoulos
    T.  +30 210 6149884-5


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