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Building employee Engagement and a Collaborative Workplace Culture

Senior leaders change jobs more frequently than employees. How do we create a high-performance culture so deeply employee-owned that it sustains itself despite inevitable changes in senior leadership? Author Frank Devine advises.

Creating a Culture that Sustains Itself

Determining the key elements to achieving a self-sustaining and high-performance culture required 40+ years testing the questions::

  • What interventions moved the dial – productivity; quality; ROI; growth; employee opportunities – the most?

  • How do we maximise employee engagement while also creating competitive advantage?

This ‘diagnosis – hypothesis – testing – diagnosis – hypothesis’ loop led to a process called ‘Rapid Mass Engagement’ where the key combination of levers was:

  1. deep and wide employee engagement and enablement

  2. a Systems Thinking approach to leadership

  3. a ‘Predict and Prevent’ approach to Improvement Science.

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