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GIF It A Shot! Instagram’s New Comments Feature!

Instagram has gone and done a thing, finally, which will inevitably change once again the way we interact and engage with other users, as well as with brands. The popular social media platform has rolled out a new feature that is sure to inject some additional fun and personality into the comments section.

Instagram addicts and users now have the option to respond, express themselves and react using the beloved GIFs as comments. After a limited availability and testing period where the feature was enabled for a number of users, it seems that the success of the new feature was inevitable and is now available to all users, globally. The mechanism is simple, as GIFs will be added from Giphy’s library through a new button on the right corner of the comment box.

The Instagram experience keeps getting refreshed and the animated responses is the latest popular addition that although may not be the most ground-breaking, as other platforms have already been offering this option for a while, it will surely add a new level of impact and life into everyday conversations.

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