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NAUTOPLUS: New Innovative Research and Development Project by CHARAKIS RESEARCH & CONSULTING LTD.

Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd is thrilled to announce that the transformative research and development project, NAFTOPLUS which will be funded by Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation.

RIF will provide essential funding for this initiative, which represents a significant leap forward for the maritime industry. NAFTOPLUS is focused on developing a specialized Software solution with the use of Artificial Intelligence and tailored for the Maritime Sector, dedicated to assessing workload analysis and enhancing personnel productivity.

Apart from the leading role played by Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd, the project will also benefit from the expertise of partners such as Smart Ape Solutions, Dromon Bureau of Shipping, ARTIX Technologies, and the Manchester Metropolitan University. This collaboration signifies a powerful synergy of knowledge and innovation dedicated to revolutionizing the maritime industry.

NAFTOPLUS aims to develop an advanced SaaS software that will redefine how workload analysis and personnel productivity are evaluated within maritime companies. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and multidisciplinary expertise, the project seeks to optimize operational efficiency, enhance workforce productivity, and establish new benchmarks in the industry.

"We are delighted to receive funding from the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation for the NAFTOPLUS project", said Michael Charakis, Managing Director of Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd. "This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence. Working alongside with RIF and our esteemed partners, we are poised to create a revolutionary SaaS software that will empower maritime companies by providing unparalleled insights into workload analysis and personnel productivity."

The project is expected to start in December 2023 and be completed by 2025. For more information regarding the project, interested parties can communicate with Charakis Research & Consulting at 25366571 /

About Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd.

Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd was founded in 2003 in Cyprus and expanded to Greece in 2004 with the establishment of CRC Hellas. Since 2013, it has been a partner in Cyprus to the multinational company Gi Group SpA, one of the world's largest providers of Human Resources Development services. The company's central philosophy revolves around innovation and creating genuine added value. It invests in Research and Development and offers specialized HR services across a wide range of sectors in the economy. Moreover, it has extensive experience in developing innovative training programs. Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd collaborates with academic institutions in Cyprus, Greece, and the United Kingdom, jointly providing services and engaging in research projects.


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